¿What is this site?

Ripah is nothing more than a directory of skateparks, spots, indoors, skateplazas and sites for skating in general, where our prinicpal function is to present the large number of sites where practice this sport we love. Do not try to be related to anything, not innovate in any specific field, our main and only goal is that everyone has access to information, in this case, sites for practicing skateboarding.

Sobre nosotros

How the site works?

At first we were a long time trying to personally visit all the skateparks and skate possible sites in Spain and it's generate a good catalog, but we think there are probably many more sites to skate in the world. Obviously we can not physically move to each and every one of them (although we would like), so we decided to go collecting all possible information we found on the internet, and trying to centralize it in one place, to make it this information accessible to as many people as possible.

So we did it that way ... We spent many hours of our free time, seeking and collecting as many information as possible to add to the site and that users have a number to choose from sites that go skating.

It is possible that the information is now out in the page can not be so proven as when we personábamos in each and every one of the skate parks but we are gradually improving the platform to enable users themselves who send us their more information and help us correct any errors that may appear in our current catalog of skateparks.

Okay, but ... Who is responsible for maintaining this?

Today, we are the ones who dedicate part of our free to find and insert the information concerning sites skateparks and time, but as I previously mentioned, our goal is to make this a real community, where the responsibility for maintaining well updated list is not only a few, but it can be a job for everyone who wants to contribute and do a good deed for the community.

We assume the costs of maintaining the web (hosting, domains, system backup) from our own jobs, which is why the site contains advertising to try to minimize the most money that we ourselves have to invest in it. We'd love to do without the publicity and have a more attractive website, but unfortunately nowadays everything costs money, and try to finance the project in a way in which the investment is minimal.